Michael Thoder


Michael Thoder is an educator and stylist specializing in haircutting, he has been a part of the Rizzieri family for the past 20 years.  Currently, Michael splits his time between working behind the chair at Rizzieri Studio Salon, and teaching on all levels.  As the Haircutting Coach at Rizzieri Aveda School, Michael leads the educators in haircutting as well as teaching the students.  He also trains the stylists in the salons in the Advanced Masters Program. Michael’s passion for the craft of haircutting allows him to be highly effective in developing the skills of others, you can follow his passion as an educator on rizzieri_edu on twitter and instagram

Ricki Freedman


Ricki currently is an apprentice at Rizzieri Salon in Moorestown.  She is a graduate of Rizzieri Aveda School and Rizzieri Masters.  As an apprentice, Ricki is thriving and continues to grow within the company.  Aside from doing hair, she is a part of the YouTube beauty community and has a well established channel at MakeMeUpErica.

Alicia Regn


Alicia has been working at Rizzieri Washington Twp since November 2000. She is currently a senior stylist. Alicia specializes in hair color but performs most services offered by Rizzieri salon.  She is proficient in Great Lengths, Perfectress, and Vomor hair extensions.  Along with her salon experience, Alicia has been teaching hair color at  Rizzieri salons for 9 years. Alicia has designed the Rizzieri Masters Aveda color curriculum as well as the Rizzieri apprentice color program.  As of December 2014, Alicia will have completed the NJ cosmetology teaching program.

Alexandra Keating


Alexandra began her career at Rizzieri in 2008. Starting at the apprentice level behind the chair in 2009. Alexandra took many classes, including the very first Master’s Program at Rizzieri. She has trained hard to be at the stylist level she is today, 6 years later. Alexandra has an artist’s eye and this is evident in the beautiful bridal and up do work she create.  With that passion, Alexandra began teaching the Styling Segment in the Rizzieri Advance Academy as well as in the Rizzieri Aveda School.

Allison Davis


Allison Davis began her career with Rizzieri by graduating from Rizzieri Aveda School. She completed cosmetology, skincare, and teacher training programs. For over 6 years Allison has enjoyed being an educator for Rizzieri Aveda School’s Skin Care Programs. She is very passionate about makeup and through that passion, she assisted in the creation of the Rizzieri Makeup School, as well as teaching it. She has assisted Ana Marie Rizzieri for Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated. She keeps her hands in the business by working part time at VC Salon & Spa in Robbinsville NJ.


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